Why Buy Organic Skin care
Chemicals are widely used as preservatives in cosmetics for reasons such as extending shelve life. The skin is a living organ and soaks up these chemicals. For some people, the chemicals cause outbreaks such as Psoriasis and Eczema. Some studies suggest possible links with cancer. The Breast Cancer Organisation states, that research suggests, certain levels of exposure has been linked to cancer, especially breast cancer as many of the chemicals are hormone disruptors.

Ingredients contained in organic skincare still offer the same results as other products with piece of mind that your skin is not going to be irritated by harsh chemicals or worse, longer effects over time. Sulphates and Parabens are found in lots of products from lipsticks to sunscreen. Even well known baby branded products that describe their formulas as mild and gentle often contain these chemicals, so it is worth learning what is in the ingredients.

Many customers worry that organic products will not produce the ‘miracles’ that high street branded products claim. Time after time consumer tests have shown that expensive products are not normally any more effective than cheap supermarket options. In our opinion, prevention is better than cure. A good skin care routine and protection from the elements should be the main considerations. Keep products organic and you have a winning formula. Read our page about ageing skin for more information.

One thing you do need to consider about buying organic products is that it is not a good idea to bulk buy. Products generally would not have a shelf life for more than 12 months. Check individual descriptions for the product expiry times.

As parents and grandparents, our instinct is to protect our children. As soon as the sun shines, we are educated to reach straight for the sun factor however, organic sun creams will work in the same way without the harmful chemicals.

Many children suffer with eczema and other itchy skin conditions. Some parents find that their children react to creams or the bubble bath they use in the shower or bath. It makes sense to consider using organic products from baby stage to reduce exposure. Naturally Hers offers a range for babies that contains everything you need from skin care lotions to nappy rash cream. For children the range extends with products such as shampoo, body milk, sunscreen, and even head lice lotion!

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