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De-Junk Your Skincare Products fo Better Skincare Results
By Sandie, May 5 2014 10:51AM
Take a look at the shelf in your bathroom – how many products are old or contain chemicals like parabens and sulphates? Take some time to read the ingredients. It is time to de-junk your bathroom shelf and make-up bag at the same time! It might hurt at the time but could make your life simpler and your skin calmer and brighter.

Good skincare does not need to be expensive, there is no need to have lots of different products in your bathroom, just using a few well –chosen products will keep your skin soft and young looking.

The skin repairs itself every 28 days (or longer when we are older) so you will not see the benefit of products unless you use them for at least this length of time. Of course if you get a reaction then stop straight away. However, by using products with no chemicals in this should not be the case.
You can even use some home made products. Some products are petty impossible to create at home such as moisturisers, night creams, serums and sun products, so it is advisable to invest in those.

So what are the essentials?

The essentials for everyone are:
• Cleanser
• Day cream
• Night cream – younger skins may be fine with their day cream or a light facial oil

Optional – but useful:

• Gentle facial scrub
• Face mask – see recipes below for home- made ones

For more mature skins:
• Serum – this will deliver lots of nutrients in just a few drops
• Neck cream – this part gets forgotten! I always use my day and night cream on the neck décolletage. As you grow older your neck and hands are the first to show your age due to the thin skin in those areas so take care of them.
• Eye cream – this is not essential but can make a difference if you are starting to get crow’s feet and may also help with puffiness/dark circles.
Below are some recipes for face masks and after sun that you might like to try at home:
Cucumber Mask – for sensitive skin

Any unused mask will keep a day or two if left in fridge.

• 10g (1/2 oz.) of Brewer’s yeast (if you cannot find this pulverise brewer’s yeast tablets in a herb grinder)
• 10g (1/2oz) of finely powdered oats
• 7.5 cm (3ins) of cucumber peeled
• 2 tablespoons of plain yoghurt
• 1 teaspoon of honey
• 1 drop of rose essential oil
Mix the yeast and oats in a small bowl and set aside. Liquidise the cucumber in a food blender or herb grinder, until it is literally liquid, with no seeds or chunky bits.
Add the yogurt and honey and whizz again for a few second. Add the yeast and oats to the mixture, followed by the essential oil, whizz until smooth.
Apply to cleansed face and leave for 20 to 30 minutes.
Remove with wet cloth, or splash with water
Follow with moisturiser.

Tomato Facial Mask – for oily skin

Fruit acids in tomato are great for getting rid of blackheads which oily skin can be prone to. They also brighten dull skin by gently loosening surface cells.
• 1 ripe tomato
Slice the tomato thinly, then lie down and apply the slices directly to your face (cut the tomato into shape to mould around your nose). Leave on for a few minutes then rinse and pat dry.
Follow with moisturiser.

Starflower Mask – for dry skin

• 50g (20z) of Aloe Vera flesh
• 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt
• 2 capsules of starflower (borage flower) oil
• 10 fresh borage flowers (in season)
Aloe Vera flesh is quite hard to blend, so it is easier to whizz all the ingredients in a herb chopper. You will need to snip the sunflower oil capsules and squeeze out the oil.
Massage the mixture into the skin of the face and neck and leave for about 15 minutes. Your skin would have absorbed almost the entire mask and will be left looking plumped up and younger.
Rinse and follow with moisturiser

Vita-Carrot Mask – for mature skin
This is good for even the most sensitive skins. Carrot is incredibly rich in vitamin A, which has an anti-ageing activity when applied to the skin topically.
• 1 large carrot
• 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil
• 5 drops of jasmine essential oil (optional)
Peel and liquidise the carrot, then sieve and strain off the juice – you can drink this! – reserve the pulp. Blend the pulp with the sweet almond oil and add the jasmine essential oil if you are using it.
Cleanse your face then lie down with your head on a towel. Apply the pulp to your face and relax for 10 to 15 minutes.
Remove with wet cloth or splash with water and follow with moisturiser.
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Organic Summer Soothers
By Sandie, Apr 21 2014 07:41PM

The long winter months take their toll on us all, depleting our bodies of essential Vitamin D. Sunshine increases vitamin D in our bodies and generally makes us feel better
Vitamin D (known as the sunshine vitamin) is very important for many aspects of health and specifically contributes to normal blood calcium levels as well as the maintenance of normal bones. It is also important for normal teeth, bones and muscle.

Whilst the sun is good for our health, it can have a bad effect on our skin unless we take care of it.
The first sign of sun damage is sun burn which shows up immediately. Later skin wrinkling appears which is different to sunburn and not so immediately evident. It usually starts to appear in the early thirties. The skin is composed of building blocks called collagen and elastin and when these two are damaged, due to the exposure of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the skin may lose its structure and begin to sack, resulting in skin wrinkling.

Later in life age spots start to appear. Age spots are formed when the skin manufactures excess melanin to protect itself against harmful UV light. This excess melanin can then accumulate as individual spots in different parts of the body, which then later appear as age spots. These spots and not harmful but should you should be aware of them as the can lead to skin cancer, which is the worst possible effect from sun damage.

In order to enjoy the sun we just need to take a few precautions:
• Try to avoid the midday sun
• Wear big hats and glasses
• Use a good sunscreen – do not rely on a SPF moisturiser
• Use after sun – good to soothe any sunburn and prolong tan (see recipe below for home made one)
• Self-tanners – these can blended into your face and body moisturisers to customise your own gradual (daily) tanners. We do not advise cooking these at home.

Below are some home- made solutions for you to try:

After Sun Coolers

Mint and black tea sunburn solution
Used straight from the fridge, this easy to prepare mint and tea lotion will take the heat out of sunburn in a flash.
• 110g (40z) fresh mint leaves
• 3-4 black tea bags
• 1 litre (40 fl oz) boiling water
Pour the boiling water over the mint leaves and tea bags. Cover and allow the solution to stand for 10 minutes. Strain and cool and then transfer to a glass jar or bottle and store in your fridge where it will keep for several weeks.
Apply to sore skin areas with cotton pads

More after sun skin savers
• Aloe Vera – the light, gooey gel in aloe Vera is instantly cooling and healing. All you need is one aloe Vera leaf. Just slice it in half horizontally and slide it slowly over the affected area.
• Smearing yogurt (preferably straight from the fridge) onto your skin as soon as it turns pink can help with sunburn, cool the area and re-establish the vital PH balance, so it heals faster. Use plain full fat organic yogurt if possible. Let it sit on your skin until it warms up, rinse with tepid water and re-apply.
• Mashed Strawberries –apply and leave for 5 minutes to take the heat out of the skin. Or even more effectively, on a face that has caught the sun, mash 1 tablespoon of yogurt with 2 strawberries and smooth onto the face for instant relief.
• Witch hazel, cucumber juice and apple cider all work to calm overheated skin. Simply add 1 tablespoon of any of these to 1 cup of water. Pour into a spritzer bottle and carry with you, then you can spray onto skin as and when required.
With all of these remember that sunburn prevention is better than cure!


The secret of beautiful natural nails
By Sandie, Mar 15 2014 01:31PM
The Secret of beautiful natural nails

Do you neglect your nails? Are they broken and flaking? do you hide them under polish all the time? If the answer to any of those questions is yes then you need to start re-thinking. My nails too used to be dry, brittle and flaking until I decided I needed to take care of them!

You too can have beautiful, natural nails.This part of our body is often neglected but we need to bear in mind that like our skin and hair nails need to be maintained to look good all the time. I am sure there are many of you ladies out there (and gentlemen too) that like to have good manicured nails but keeping them is sometimes very difficult. The nail is composed of the nail plate and cuticle, both of these are required to be taken good care of. How do we do this? Here are some tips;

1. Avoid over exposure to water – constantly sub-merging your hands in water will dry out your nails. Make sure you protect your hands with gloves wherever possible and take time to apply a hand cream twice a day. Naturallyhers organic hand cream contains no harmful chemicals and can be ordered with a natural fragrance of your choice for no extra cost. Try the cranberry and pomegranate fragrance as well as being kind and protective to your hands it smells yummy!

2.Dont use your nails as tools – when peeling off stickers, unscrewing screws use a tool not your nails. Repeated exposure will cause the nails to split, tear or peel.

3. File your nails don’t saw them! – Rubbing your nails back and forth causes damage to the nails. When shaping nails – drag the file in one direction and do not use too much pressure. See our range of Mont Bleu glass files – these are very stylish, kind to your nails and wont wear out!

4. Don’t nibble!! – Biting your nails really does affect them over the long term. Not only are your chomping off the nails with your teeth, but you are also exposing them to water in your saliva over and over again, which as mentioned above, tends to dry your nails. Break the habit and also use a hand cream regularly.

5. Strengthen them with treatment – As a supplement to good nail care (leaving them unbitten, gentle shaping and regular moisturising) , you should also use a quality nail treatment formula to grow, harden, repair and protect your natural nails. Choose a treatment that is made without toxic irritating formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. Try naturallyhers nail treatment that contains only natural moisturising ingredients to really care for your nails.

6. Avoid Nail polish – Try to avoid nail polish as this does contain harmful chemicals. If you want to use nail polish for a special occasion then remove the polish afterwards. Let your nails breathe!

Following the steps above will give you beautiful nails naturally that you will not want to hide away!!

See our hand creams, nail treatment and mont bleu glass nail files with swarvoski crystals – ideal for beautiful natural nails and great for presents too!!

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